Friendly Asked Questions

Friendly Asked Questions
Assigning the management and collection of your receivables to our professionals leaves you more time to focus on the development of your business.

We apply high performance and ethical standards which not only guarantee best efficiency, but keep your good corporate reputation and ensure smooth relationship between you and your clients.

We develop individual approaches and apply effective methods to collect your debts.

We build and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients.

After in-depth analysis of the debtor's data, our team of highly qualified experts develops a personalized strategy for quick and effective debt collection actions.

Out-of-court collection services include written correspondence, telephone calls, personal meetings and negotiations.

In case the out-of-court collection stage proves unsuccessful, we could take legal actions on your behalf or you could decide to terminate the collection. We will not take any legal actions without your explicit agreement

The payment for our services is calculated as a percentage of the collected sum. The fee calculation is based on the overdue amount and the interest rate of each receivable.

If all out-of-court collection methods are unsuccessful, court collection procedures could be initiated. This is only possible with the client's agreement.

Our team of highly qualified lawyers will undertake all necessary legal actions to succeed in the debt collection.

Smart Collect’s tax for court debt collection is determined after a individual analysis of the case.

Smart Collect requires minimum formalities, as we aim to provide quick and efficient start of the collection process.

Once the contract is signed, you only need to provide documents that verify and prove the obligation.

Smart Collect Ltd. is registered as a personal data administrator according to the Personal Data Protection Act. We observe all law procedures for the processing and preservation of personal data, which is protected not only within the organization itself, but also from external attacks.